7 free online training platforms


The Internet has opened multiple doors to distance learning, allowing contact with teachers, submitting papers for evaluation or tracking classes with web tools. Needless to say, not only traditional learning centers have benefited from these possibilities and today offer a wide variety of free or paid online courses. In this scenario there are some platforms that have acquired special relevance, either by the breadth of its offer, by its prestige or by the facilities for learning.

Among the seven websites we highlight there are some highly recognized and others that are not so much, but all of them are an interesting way to gain new knowledge, some of them offered in the form of free online courses.


It is a platform that offers only free, but high quality courses, as it has been associated with some of the most important universities in the world to teach them. Thus, you can find varied subjects, from humanities and social sciences to medicine or biology, passing through information technology or business training. Among the prestigious names of the collaborating entities can be found the one of Stanford or the one of the University of Columbia.

Khan Academy

This site is an educational project of global and non-profit ambitions. Its philosophy is to make all resources available to anyone who needs them. There is a search engine to find free online courses on general topics, with different levels of difficulty. Their teaching is admirable, you just have to take a look at the material they offer about World War I to realize.


This educational initiative, led by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), has acquired great relevance at the international level. She has joined the Carlos III University of Madrid, offering university level training and zero courses for the introduction into a career.


Operating under a scheme far from the seriousness that corresponds to the universities, in Udacity can be found lessons supported with multimedia resources and in a light tone, but still instructive. The courses are grouped into specific categories.

Open Culture

From the Open Culture site you can access a number of free online courses. It is not a formative platform to use, but it hosts a multitude of links, classified based on the field to which belongs the subject that is imparted in them.


This is not a platform to use, as Floqq does not offer courses as such but facilitates third parties - academic centers or experts - to raise and publicize their offer. Therefore, in this site is all type of training, because everything is accepted.

BBC Learning English

No one questions the prestige of the BBC as a means of communication, but its work of spreading English goes further. The British entity offers courses to learn or improve this language, with varied resources and valid for different levels.


If the previous proposal was only about English, this time it is about learning the language of your choice. In Duolingo they take advantage of the learning that some people do for a project of great magnitude: to translate the Internet. As a student progresses and does their exercises he is contributing to this task.

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